Course curriculum

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    Q&A Members Series

    • What Can I Do To Keep My Paddle Up?

    • What's The Best Strategy For Covering The Middle, Forehand vs X, & Partner Taken Wide?

    • How Do I Get Over Being Tentative In Match or Tournament Play?

    • Should I Tether With y Pickleball Partner?

    • What's Keeping A 3.5 From Reaching 4.0 AND A 4.0 From Reaching 4.5 Level?

    • How Should I Grip The Paddle? And Why?

    • How Can I Develop A Smooth Swing Like The Pros?

    • What Adjustment Have You Made That's Created The Most Significant Difference In Your Play?

    • What's The Best Way To Retain What I Practice?

    • Questions From Left Handed Players